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Life Care Retirement Community in Gig Harbor

True Life Care makes a true difference.

A retirement community that offers true Life Care is considered the highest standard among retirement living options. It’s an innovative and independent lifestyle that is different from other senior housing and care options. At Heron’s Key, you pay a one-time 75% refundable entrance fee and a monthly service fee. The monthly service fee pays for your use of the amenities and enjoyment of the services the community offers. The entrance fee gives you lifetime use of your homePenrose_logo and guarantees your unlimited access to the community’s continuum of on-site health care, including assisted living and skilled nursing at Penrose Harbor. Opening Summer 2017, Penrose Harbor will feature assisted living residences and private skilled nursing residences, which will be open to the public via direct admission.

Your monthly service fee with a Life Care plan doesn’t change based on the level of care you require. Because future long-term care is provided with no increase to your monthly service fee, the community assumes the risk of your future long-term care costs. Also, as a resident of Heron’s Key, you’re assured that if, through no fault of your own, your financial resources are depleted, you won’t be asked to leave the community.

It’s true peace of mind — so you’re free to focus on the things you love to do, without worry for the future.

Contact us to learn more about the advantage of a Life Care plan and how it can enhance your life.


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