Meet Chef Jason


The locally grown vegetables, fruits, meats and seafood used to create menus that are fresh and full of flavor are only part of what makes dining at Heron’s Key so wonderful. Chef Jason Voce’s creativity and passion for cuisine is what brings the flavors to life.

From attending culinary school in San Diego, to being a sous chef and then chef in the military, Jason brings 17 years of experience to Heron’s Key.

Some of Jason’s favorite items to cook are big cuts of beef that require slow cooking. Summer is a great time of year to enjoy this style of cooking.

“It is the prettiest time of year here and I really like to focus on getting residents outside to enjoy it,” Jason said. “We are working on a barbecue series with various types of proteins that are prepared in different ways for the summer.”

Jason is also working on a menu that is lower in calories and offers healthy choices. The dishes are made with lean proteins and fish and are served with seasoned vegetables with no added oils or fats.

“The items on this menu are great for those that are more health conscious but do not want to sacrifice any of the flavor,” Jason said.

Cooking the classics is something Jason loves to do. His two favorite cuisines are American Southern and Classic French and he works to incorporate them into different recipes he creates.

One of Jason’s favorite things about his job is getting to interact with the residents.

“The residents at Heron’s Key are really great,” he said. “I love chatting with them and they always have positive feedback on the food. Being engaged with them allows me to make sure I am creating the cuisine they want to eat.”