Discover the keys to successful aging.

Senior Wellness Gig Harbor WA Heron s Key

Age is more than a number. It’s related to how you feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. At Heron’s Key, our wellness program takes an active approach to wellness and builds upon your interests to create a customized program you can use every day.

Heron’s Key is built around these 7 aspects of whole-body wellness:

  • Social — Developing meaningful relationships and connecting with the people around us
  • Emotional — Understanding, acknowledging and reacting to our feelings in a healthy, productive manner
  • Spiritual — Exploring life and discovering our own truths
  • Environmental — Making a positive impact on the quality of the world around us
  • Vocational — Practicing and using our skills and talents for greater life enrichment
  • Physical — Engaging in activities that support healthy bodily function and longevity
  • Intellectual — Using our minds to interact with the world in a lively manner

In addition to our innovative holistic wellness program, we also host an on-site general medical practice specializing in seniors. So it’s easy and convenient to schedule a doctor appointment for medical tests and check-ups.

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