A Perfect Fit


Statistics show that moving can be one of the most stressful moments in a person’s life. Finding a new home for retirement can take weeks, months and even years with many factors to consider.

For Marty and David Beert, choosing Heron’s Key for the next phase of their life took one afternoon. After viewing an ad on TV, they drove to the picturesque Gig Harbor community, toured the facility and made a deposit on their new home that same day.

“I believe we were in the right place at the right time,” Marty said. “I love Gig Harbor as it brings together an upscale and casual environment. That’s how Heron’s Key feels — everyone is so friendly and welcoming. We knew we were home.”

The couple left their premier view home on Whidbey Island for a modern newly-designed apartment that required less maintenance and gave them the freedom they desired in retirement.

A former school superintendent and IT engineer, Marty and David prioritized a more relaxed and social life at Heron’s Key.

“There are so many lovely people in the community who we now consider family,” Marty said. “Our new attitude is to take each day as it comes and live in the moment.”

Access to quality care was a priority to the couple if a time came when they would need dedicated short or long-term care. Heron’s Key offers access to assisted living and an on-site skilled nursing center, both contained in Penrose Harbor, where a team of highly skilled health care professionals is available to assist residents. Penrose Harbor’s   skilled nursing community is the only one in Gig Harbor to combine the privacy and security of modern, all-private suites with hospitality and a community while assisted living provides all one-bedroom apartment homes.

“Spouses living in Heron’s Key can conveniently visit loved ones in Penrose Harbor where professional staff comforts, and provides care when a family member no longer can do so,” Marty said. “Caregiving with TLC occurs regularly in Penrose. If the time comes for me or my husband, or any of my new HK friends to receive care, the shared vision for choosing to live here was the right choice. Penrose cares.”

With all their needs checked off at Heron’s Key, the couple enjoys hosting friends, taking long walks on the many surrounding trails and having family visit.

When asked how her family feels about their new home, Marty chuckled and said, “My grandson tells me ‘Grandma, I hope once I get to retire it’s a place half as nice as yours!’ So yes, my family is very happy that we live in Heron’s Key.”