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I am so thankful that I found Penrose Harbor.

During my search for an assisted living community, I wrote a list of what I knew was important to my dad on a day-to-day basis; as well as what I knew would be important in the future. Penrose Harbor’s staff, their philosophy of care, the extremely well thought out apartments and beautiful grounds, as well as the up-front presentation costs, were a perfect fit.

I’m impressed with the helpfulness and responsiveness of the Penrose Harbor staff and it has been a huge relief to know that my dad is well cared for.

Sheril W., Family Member of Penrose Harbor Resident

While we have lived at Heron’s Key for only a short time, we could not be happier with our decision. It is a welcoming and vibrant senior community with something to offer to everyone. The staff is professional, friendly and dedicated to the wellbeing of all residents. Heron’s Key is a great place to live.

Linda K. , Heron's Key Resident

We've just passed our second-year anniversary of being here at Heron's Key. We are so pleased we made this move when we did as we were in control of the downsizing decisions and now we are thoroughly enjoying the gracious lifestyle, wonderful food, and fulfilling activities Heron's Key offers. Our home is lovely, our neighbors are kind-hearted and everyone has interesting life stories! Living at Heron's Key gives us peace of mind.

Lois & Dan W., Heron's Key Residents

We moved into Heron's Key in the fall of 2017 and are glad we made the decision to join this engaged Senior Community. From inspiring Lifelong Learning courses, daily exercise opportunities from Tai Chi to weight lifting (organized through Zoom despite Covid), and a wide variety of internal and external voluntary outreach activities, we've found ourselves busier than we ever expected. Becoming part of a senior living community a bit earlier in life (late 60's) we highly recommend making this difficult decision and move sooner rather than later as we've found it easy to make friends and become part of the community that will be part of the rest of our lives.

Beverly R. , Heron's Key Resident

"Under these unusual circumstances, I don't believe that anyone could do more in assuming responsibility for our needs and our care. Thank you!"

Don R., Heron's Key Resident

"Heron’s Key became my home early October 2017. Each expectation has been fulfilled. I love my home, am grateful for the many “family- friends” living here, and have only praise for the entire staff. It’s my home for life."

Marty B., Heron's Key Resident

"We have lived at Heron's Key since its inception. We are thankful every day that we made that choice. The best thing about living here is the sense of community. Interesting people live here and it is fun to learn about their lives. Our neighbors are supportive and encouraging people. The apartments are beautiful and well planned. Another huge plus, being a foodie, is that the food in the two dining rooms is wonderful. They are constantly trying new dishes. The Heron's Key staff is likewise exceptional. They are engaged and engaging people who work hard at making this the place we love to call home."

Marilyn B., Heron's Key Resident

"Everyone on our staff is and has been doing a GREAT job. It gives me such a warm feeling when I see a staff member and get such cheery greetings. Getting updated on COVID information has been wonderful, so we know what's going on around us. I am so impressed by how well we are all being taken care of. Each resident I have spoken with feels well taken care of also. This is a difficult time for everyone, but our staff has certainly risen to the highest level. Thank you for all you on our staff do."

Velma V., Heron's Key Resident

"Why did we choose Heron’s Key? For the following reasons and many more: Marvelous fellow residents and new friends; talented and committed leaders/managers helming a superb staff; the many advantages of a Type A Life Care Community; the ability to reassure family that we are situated for life.

"We moved into our lovely apartment at Heron’s Key in early September 2017. At that time, we felt we were already comfortably part of the Heron’s Key family, having made several new, close friends through gatherings, official and unofficial, with other prospective residents. As one of those friends says, this is our new “forever” home. She and we mean that positively and joyfully- we deliberately chose a Type A Life Care community, convinced that it is right for us, and that has certainly proved to be so. This is an intentional community, in the sense that we share a set of values that start with commitment to the philosophy of Life Care. But there are many other aspects of Heron’s Key as well that make it a very special place to live.

"Although there are now well over 230 residents in independent living here, we are a group that is welcoming to newcomers, that care about one another, and are actively engaged in making this the best possible place to live. The residents here are intellectually, physically, and emotionally engaged. We come from all over the United States, and we are living such interesting lives. That may be why our program called “Who Am I” is one of the most successful offered by our Lifelong Learning Interest Group. We residents are active in the community writ large, as well as in our local area. Heron’s Key folks are leading lights in the development of the Harbor Hills Environmental Sanctuary for example.

"Residents are welcome to help plan as well as participate in activities across many topical areas. Or, you can do nothing organized at all—that is one of the many advantages of our community. Whether you are a lifelong learner, a maker or a consumer of the arts, a fiber arts specialist, a passionate foodie, a gardener, a birdwatcher, a photographer, a computer geek, a card or pool player, we have opportunities for you. We are an adaptable and imaginative group. We host speakers from Humanities Washington, and we offer short courses on a variety of topics. When the pandemic started, we pivoted to videoconferencing for presentations and meetings, and we designed a number of new programs, such as our very own radio show, and a storytelling hour.

"Here are more details of our favorite features here:

"The many advantages of a Life Care contract, such as guaranteed higher levels of care (assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care all on site); the ability to visit your friends and spouse/partner while maintaining your apartment in independent living; access to short-term rehabilitation and therapies after surgeries, injuries, and so forth.

"The feeling of safety, which comes from confidence in our Executive Director and her high standards for, and engagement of, staff in delivering such a high level of service. We have 24-hour security. During the pandemic, we have benefited from a grocery-shopping service. And, for residents like me and my spouse who were quarantined for 14 days after returning from abroad, the services expanded to mail delivery, trash removal, and meal delivery!

"Handsome, spacious apartments with full kitchens, and marvelous housekeeping and maintenance staffs.

"Wonderful public spaces, which include a resident-run library, a creative arts studio, a room for pool, a cardroom, a salon, and a well-equipped fitness studio.

"A fabulous chef and dining staff, serving delicious meals with plated service—no buffets! During the pandemic our restaurants are closed, but we continue to have an extensive menu of choices, including recipes from residents, with a choice of delivery or take-out."

Lee M., Heron's Key Resident

"I have lived at Heron’s Key practically from the day it opened in 2017 and I can enthusiastically say it was the best decision I have ever made. I knew it was going to bring me peace of mind knowing that I will be in a lovely home for the rest of my life. However, I never thought I would meet all of the wonderful people, who have become good friends, walking by my side. There are so many great things about life at Heron’s Key—caring employees who are like family, wonderful food, and any activity you can think of wanting to do—but it is the residents who share this space who make living here an adventure."

Mary K., Heron's Key Resident

"As charter member #20, we watched our home from ground breaking to the move in. Absolutely everything we were promised has come to be and even beyond. During the current virus event, we have been protected and advised every step of the way. Amy, our director, demands answers to her questions from state and health community guidelines. We are virus free and proud of it!

"Now to the best part of my review: Dining!!! Our meals are magnificent and there is something for every taste and requirement. Ann and I insist you contact Stacey and the marketing team for a virtual tour and consultation. Residents are moving in as I write this."

Bob & Ann A., Heron's Key Resident

"I have been living here in an independent living apartment for two and a half years. I have found many friends and a great deal of activities to challenge me and keep me engaged.

"The people who work here are friendly, capable, and excellent. Their leadership is committed, innovative, and supportive. Lucky to have that team in place.

"I had an operation which took me to the hospital. I then spent two months in skilled nursing where my recovery was supported and enhanced by the team of nurses, in addition to the excellent physical and occupational therapy staff. Glad I moved here and am looking forward to the years ahead."

Kenneth H., Heron's Key Resident