Brad Haskins and Brad Jr.

Brad Haskins and Brad Jr

Every morning Brad Haskins and his son, Brad Haskins Jr., hop in the car and start their commute to work together. Both Brads play critical roles at Heron’s Key and have a unique relationship as father and son working within the same community.

Brad Sr. joined the Heron’s Key team six years ago and works in the maintenance department. He spends his days managing the grounds of the community and making sure all residents’ homes are beautiful inside and out.

After watching his dad working in the community for many years, Brad Jr. decided Heron’s Key might just be the perfect place to get a job as well. Brad Jr. was initially hired in 2023 as an environmental services technician. After a few months, he decided to take a full-time job as a janitor.

Brad Jr. works daily to make sure the community is spotless and sanitized. He ensures Penrose administrative offices are pristine, the bathrooms and lobby are always tidy, and maintains whatever he can to keep Heron’s Key in the best possible shape.

While Brad Jr. and Brad Sr. do not work in the same department, they find ways to spend time with one another when possible. Brad Jr. gets his dad a coffee every Wednesday and often Brad Sr. will bring his son lunch. If the maintenance team is ever short-staffed, Brad Sr. knows exactly who to call to lend a helping hand.

“Working with my dad is a really great experience,” says Brad Jr. “I am lucky that when I joined Heron’s Key, not only did I have my dad to support me, but I knew so many other people in the community already. It was a really warm welcome to my new job and made me feel like part of the team.”

At the end of the day, the Brads get back in the car and commute home to the rest of their family in Shelton, Washington. They chat about their days and fill each other in on their experiences.

When they get home, they are joined by Brad Jr.’s mom, his three other siblings, their Australian bulldog named Trixie and their cat named Harlo. Brad Jr. says there is never a dull moment in their house.

Brad Jr. was born and raised in Shelton. He graduated from Shelton High School and continues to be active in the community. When he isn’t at work, Brad Jr. coaches his younger brother’s football team and likes to build things.

Brad Jr. has a passion for helping people and hopes no matter where life takes him, he can continue to care for others.

Both Brad Jr. and Brad Sr. contribute so much to the Heron’s Key community. We are lucky to have them and who knows, maybe the other Haskins siblings will join the Heron’s Key family as well!