Finding the Perfect Match

George Baker and Arliss Siebert lived in the same country club neighborhood in Olympia, Wash. They met unexpectedly when George was planning on attending a special event on a neighbor’s yacht, and his friend suggested he take his neighbor along. George gladly agreed to bring Arliss to the event and once onboard, the ship’s owner took a picture of the two. “They don’t know it yet, but this is their first date!” the man shouted with a smirk.

Retired service member George and former marketing guru Arliss quickly became companions and attended the first Heron’s Key luncheon in Olympia together. They were always sold on the concept of a Life Plan Community, it was just a matter of finding the right one for them.

“I don’t want my children to worry about me when I get older,” Arliss shared. “I want them to live their life and have the freedom to come and visit me as they please, without feeling burdened to have to take care of me.” George chimed in, “There’s so much that people deal with when a family member passes on. I wanted to take some of that load off my children.” “Our reasons for looking into Heron’s Key meshed perfectly,” Arliss smiled.

After that initial luncheon, they were both excited to live in a Life Plan Community, but even more so in Gig Harbor. George, being a member of a yacht club, and Arliss, looking for a place by the water, knew it was the perfect place for them. “It was a long process to find Heron’s Key, but once we did, we secured our spot right away,” George stated. “We never missed a Heron’s Key luncheon or workshop after that.”

They’re now loving their life in their two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment on the ground floor that provides easy access. George left the furnishing up to the skillful Arliss, and they couldn’t be happier.

“Moving into Heron’s Key really cemented our relationship. It was perfect timing for us. We would recommend Heron’s Key to anyone and we’re so happy here!” George exclaimed.