Sari Dahl, daughter of Selma Rattner, could not be more thrilled for her mother to make the move to Heron’s Key this summer. “We’ve been planning for this move for about four years, and we can’t believe the date is just a few months away,” Sari explains. It’s hard to say who is more excited for this move.

Selma currently lives with her daughter in Fox Island, and while she loves it, she can’t wait to have a place of her own. Selma will have a one-bedroom apartment home on the sixth floor of Heron’s Key, and she’s already picked out everything for her new home. Typically, most people will be downsizing for their move to Heron’s Key and getting rid of excess items during the process, but Selma is doing the opposite. “The preparation process has been a blast for my mom. She’s already picked out everything she’ll need – a new couch, dining set, big TV and more,” Sari enlightens.

One of the unique aspects to Heron’s Key that Selma is particularly excited for are the social activities. She is a self-proclaimed “social butterfly” and even before moving into Heron’s Key, Selma has already started her journey of making friends. She is involved in the “Silver Sneakers” club at the YMCA near Heron’s Key and has made many friends that will be making the same move. Any activity where Selma can meet new people and get a work out in, is right up her alley. “I’m glad she puts a big emphasis on making friends at Heron’s Key, because they will essentially become her new family,” Sari states. Not only will “making new friends” be at the top of her to-do list when she settles into her new home, but “playing cards and Mahjong will be necessities in her daily activities,” she laughs.

Sari is confident her mother is making the best decision to move to Heron’s Key. “From the first step she takes when entering her new home to her lifetime journey at Heron’s Key, I am confident she will be in the best hands possible and as a daughter, Heron’s Key is everything I could ever want for my mother,” Sari states.