Jamie Mendez: Going Beyond Hospitality

Jamie Mendez

Jamie Mendez, a hostess at Heron’s Key, knows what it takes to make residents feel welcome in their community. For the past five years, Jamie has worked at Heron’s Key and continues to provide residents with amazing service every day, whether she is walking around the community or stationed at the Syren’s Grills hostess stand.

Jamie’s expertise goes beyond hospitality, as she creates long-standing relationships with each and every resident. Anyone who witnesses Jamie’s daily interactions with the residents can see that her favorite part of her job is cultivating these special connections.

“The residents share incredible life stories that will continue to guide me throughout my own experiences,” says Jamie. “They are so open to telling me their favorite memories, while providing advice. Each resident always puts a smile on my face.”

Jamie believes that everyone should experience a sense of belonging in the community, which is why she goes out of her way to create a welcoming environment through social interactions with residents. If she sees someone who needs a dinner buddy, she knows exactly who to pair them with.

Jamie has been in the hospitality industry for most of her life and has enjoyed the different places her career has taken her. From working at a coffee shop at 15 years old to bartending to housekeeping, Jamie knew that she wanted to stay in this industry because of the relationships that can be built with peers and customers.

Her experience in the hospitality industry has led her to Heron’s Key and we could not be more grateful. Jamie says, “Working at Heron’s Key has been one of the most rewarding experiences and I wake up every day excited to come to this wonderful community.”

Jamie was born in Bremerton, Washington but has enjoyed venturing to different cities and states throughout her life. She experienced life in South Dakota and California before eventually finding her way back to Port Orchard, Washington and deciding to call it her home.

Outside of work, Jamie enjoys cooking and trying new recipes. She especially loves to play around with older recipes and make them her own. Jamie also loves exploring the great outdoors. She spends lots of time in her yard as she finds it both rewarding and relaxing. She also takes regular trips to the beach to swim in the ocean and especially enjoys it when her family can join her at the beach to spend time at a place they all love.

Team members like Jamie truly make Heron’s Key a special place to call “home”.