Meet Janel Berosh

About two years ago, Janel Berosh was working as office manager for a local Washington print shop when she met some of the kindest people she ever knew.

janel berosh

The people she met were employees of Heron’s Key using the print services. After creating rapport, Janel learned about the great work at Heron’s Key and heard about how much these folks enjoy their jobs. Janel was ready for a change and after discovering all the great things about Heron’s Key, she knew that’s where she wanted to be.

In 2021, Janel was officially hired by Heron’s Key as a concierge. In this role, Janel managed the front desk, helped residents in many facets, and supported the rest of the staff.

After exceling in this role, Janel was promoted to executive assistant. Now she schedules meetings between residents, staff and Katie Houck, the Heron’s Key executive director. She also manages monthly banking information and invoices, orders needed supplies, coordinates events, creates presentations for meetings and much more.

“I thoroughly enjoy working in an environment where I can help others,” says Janel. “I’m so grateful for Heron’s Key and the opportunities of growth that they offer here. It has been a great learning experience and I have enjoyed every bit of it.”

When Janel is not working, she loves being outside in nature and going on hikes. She also enjoys volunteering in the community and exploring the beautiful town of Gig Harbor.

She has been a resident of Gig Harbor since 1980 where she built a life with her husband Steve, raised her three daughters and adopted three cats.

“Joining Heron’s Key has brought a lot of happiness to my already wonderful life,” added Janel. “The residents and staff at Herons’ Key are caring and respectful to one another. I love to hear others’ life stories. Everyone has a story and it makes us all who we are today.”

Janel loves to laugh and believes it is a great outlet to making life better. If you ever have a good story or a funny joke to tell, Janel is the perfect person to go to!