Meet Marilyn Colyar: An Outstanding Resident Making an Impact in the Heron’s Key Community and Greater Gig Harbor

Heron’s Key is a community where activity is plentiful. Depending on interests and hobbies, there is most likely a group that would align

with any resident’s passions. Marilyn Colyar is one of the most active residents in not only the Heron’s Key community, but the greater Gig Harbor community as well.

Marilyn moved to Heron’s Key in 2020 and quickly became involved in the Heron’s Key Scholarship Group. This group caught her attention because she worked as an assistant principal and college counselor when she lived in California before moving to Washington.marilyn colyar

She always had a passion for education and supporting students in any way she could. This resident group was a perfect fit for her and now she is the Chairman of the group.

This year, under Marilyn’s leadership, Heron’s Key Scholarship Group raised over $20,000 in order to give ten students from local high schools scholarships.

Marilyn is also the head of the Community Engagement Group. This is a relatively new group to Heron’s Key but is incredibly important to the community. The goal of the group is to increase awareness of the opportunities and the needs of the greater Gig Harbor community.

In this group, members volunteer to read to students at Swiftwater Elementary, coordinate food drives for those in need, and participate in local legislation.

Recently, the Community Engagement Group hosted an event with panelists including the Mayor, County Council Representatives, the Homeless Coalition, The Sheriff Department and other prominent community leaders to talk about food and home insecurity in the community.

This event brought together people from all over Gig Harbor and the residents of Heron’s Key to address issues important to them and offer solutions as a united front.

The Community Engagement Group continues to bring leaders into Heron’s Key to inform residents about the larger community and in return the members of the group work to support the community by fundraising and volunteering.

Somehow in her very busy schedule, Marilyn also finds time to participate in the Key Quilters.

Marilyn believes the best part of the Heron’s Key community is the people that call it home. The residents and staff members are so diverse, compassionate and genuinely care for one another.

One of her other favorite parts of Heron’s Key is that she was able to bring her gorgeous Yamaha piano with her during the move. If you have ever seen the piano located near the Maritime Room, you have Marilyn to thank for that! Marilyn keeps her skills sharp by graciously playing the piano each Sunday afternoon at Penrose Harbor’s worship service.

Thanks to Marilyn’s contribution, the piano is a community staple for residents to play and Heron’s Key is able to recruit professional pianists to perform for the community.

If you have interest in any of the groups that Marilyn leads, she would be happy to tell you more about them and would love to welcome new members!