Meet Suzi Entwistle: Spiritual Wellness Coordinator At Heron’s Key

Spiritual Wellness

“When In Need Of A Spiritual Pick-Me-Up, Suzi Entwistle’s Door Is Always Open!” 

Spiritual Wellness Coordinator Suzi Entwistle has many responsibilities at Heron’s Key. Encouraging residents in the strengthening of their values, principles and beliefs while affirming a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives are just a few. She began her position within the Gig Harbor community in September of 2020.

Suzi has earned a Clinical Pastoral Education certification and has experience working in social work and as a spiritual care provider in hospitals.  With her position at Heron’s Key, her passion for building long-term relationships with those seeking spiritual guidance continues to take shape with those who interact with her. 

Suzi Entwistle, Spiritual Wellness Coordinator at Heron's KeySuzi’s daily work in the two days a week she is at the community can vary greatly. Although, her main purpose is to connect with people when there is a need. She spends her days talking through challenges or life transitions with individual residents, collaborating with residents on spiritual wellness opportunities, and facilitating gatherings that address grief or loss.  

Under Suzi’s guidance, the Spiritual Wellness programs at Heron’s Key are intended to provide meaningful help during crises or transitions (such as grief or cancer support group). She also provides small groups that match the spiritual interests of the residents (such as bible study or mindful meditation). Suzi keeps a finger on the pulse of the community’s needs, ensuring ongoing opportunities for residents seeking to develop and nurture their spirituality.

As Spiritual Wellness Coordinator, Suzi has facilitated the development of several programs within the Heron’s Key community.  One highlight among these initiatives is the Circle of Remembrance. This is where community members have the opportunity to gather after the passing of a resident and honor their memory. The remembrance begins with an introductory reading and allows others to share how their lives were touched by the person who passed.

Suzi’s main goal is to identify what spiritual wellness means for the diverse community at Heron’s Key and to determine how her skills can help provide a healthy foundation for residents of varying faith traditions or spiritual practices. Since joining Heron’s Key, Suzi’s kind smile, big heart and infectious laugh have undoubtedly left a mark for all that have spent even a minute with her.

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