A New Life at Heron’s Key

     A letter arrived in the mail a little more than four years ago at the home of Ron and Lee Magid and, little did they know, they were about to consider a new home in Gig Harbor. The letter informed them of a new Life Plan Community coming to the maritime city of Gig Harbor and they decided to learn more. After attending an informational meeting and hearing details about the planned community, Ron and Lee became the 13th couple to place a deposit at Heron’s Key.

The Magids credit the Heron’s Key staff for doing a great job at assembling the future residents to meet and get to know one another prior to the community opening, forming friendships early on. While they convinced two friends to move to Heron’s Key with them, they also loved getting to meet new neighbors at social events like summer picnics and Christmas parties.

This past summer, Ron and Lee got a group of 15 people together at their condo in Ruston, including several staff and future residents of Heron’s Key.  From the condo’s windows, all were able to enjoy the Festival of Sail, a four-day festival where historic ships sail and parade through Commencement Bay. “It was great having friends and future neighbors together to watch the ships at this event!” Lee shares.

The Magids are loving their new home at Heron’s Key and especially enjoying the local eagle, osprey, and geese who visit the retention pond. As for what activities they’re looking forward to at the new community, “I would love to be a part of a book club or stitchery group,” says Lee. “If there’s a group that takes trips to Seattle theaters or baseball games, I would be all in!” Ron chimes in. “While we already do these activities on our own, we’re eager to start doing them with our new friends and neighbors.”