The Making of Heron’s Key Voices: A Historical Memoir

heron's key voices

Hitting the shelves in March 2023

There are few instances where a community comes together to create something beautiful. At Heron’s Key, however, the passion of residents, past, current and first employees, and the leadership team all played a vital role in creating the soon-to-be-released historical memoir, Heron’s Key Voices.

Marty Beert, resident of Heron’s Key since 2017, led the project, orchestrated interviews, gathered missives and drafted Heron’s Key Voices. Her background as a college professor and superintendent in California and as a published writer, made Marty the logical person to champion the project.

“Almost every resident had a hand in the book,” said Marty. “Heron’s Key Voices shares fun, loving, and inspirational stories from those who lived, worked and created our community. I even shared my own story.”

There are incredible stories in the six-chapter book. Marty’s story is among one of the most romantic. She recounts her life raising two kids, loving her grandkids, making strides in her career, and most of all – her journey in love. Marty lost her first husband to pancreatic cancer after forty amazing years of marriage. Nearly a decade later, she met and fell in love with her second husband while on a trip in Italy.

After many adventures, trips and memories, Marty and her second husband decided to move to Heron’s Key. Her husband had been diagnosed with a terminal disease and a move to Heron’s Key provided the continuum of care needed. They shared one year together in independent living, but as her husband’s health declined, assisted living was a blessing. After a few months in assisted living, Marty’s husband passed in her arms. The community support received by the couple during those difficult times was evidence: – Heron’s Key was the right choice at the right time.

Marty shared her love stories, her life journey and her experiences in the book. Marty’s story is genuine and captivating.

Heron’s Key Voices is not only a retelling of personal experiences but also a history of the community. The book recounts anecdotes of the very first residents and employees through current day. Each chapter begins with a musical metaphor to capture the first five years of Heron’s Key, the story before it opened and experiences/events through the end of 2022.

“Heron’s Key Voices expresses all of our experiences. From staff who took this job on a whim and discovered a passion for senior living to how interest groups were formed and even about the blizzard of 2019 which residents coined as ‘snowmageddon’. The book shares the entire history of Heron’s Key. It is truly a compilation of many perspectives and the voices of the community. The trustees who envisioned the community and all the leaders who led the vision to completion were able to tell their story in Heron’s Key Voices,” added Marty,

It took about a year to interview participants and compile the Heron’s Key Voices memoir. The book is now in the final proofing and pagination stages. Marty believes it will be hitting shelves by the end of March. A dedicated team of residents are taking pre-orders from those interested in receiving a copy of Heron’s Key Voices.

The book is priced at $15 for those placing preorders. For those who purchase a book after printing, the cost will increase to $20. The Heron’s Key benevolent fund will receive profits, if any, from book sales.

This book is one that residents, staff at Heron’s Key and anyone interested in a successful CCRC may find compelling. The memoir will take the reader on a journey, provide insight and lessons, bring a smile to your face and warm your heart.

For those interested in ordering a copy, reach out to Marty by emailing