Why Heron’s Key Became Our New Home

Wilson s

For the Wilsons, life at Heron’s Key has exceeded their expectations.

Dan and Lois fell in love with the Pacific Northwest many years ago, and in 2018 they decided to confirm this feeling by moving to this beautiful community.

“We discovered early on that Heron’s Key was not the typical atmosphere you would think of for a retirement community,” Lois said. “Everyone is so involved, active and welcoming that it felt like home right away.”

The well-traveled couple has lived in various cities across the U.S. and around the world and now find Gig Harbor to be a wonderful place to settle with a real sense of community.

“What makes Gig Harbor so positive is that so many people are involved in different activities and organizations throughout the community and that same energy is present at Heron’s Key,” Dan said.

Dan and Lois carried their active lifestyle into their new home by becoming resident ambassadors at Heron’s Key. As ambassadors, they help welcome new residents and their families by sharing their experiences, showing them around the community and introducing them to new friends.

“We’re very pleased when someone new moves in” Lois said. “The community joins together to welcome them and learn of their interests because there is probably a Heron’s Key resident group for it, and if not, a new group might be formed!”

At Heron’s Key, residents have taken the initiative in making the community a great place to live. There are active groups to suit many different interests, whether it is a hobby like knitting, painting or woodworking, to opportunities to become involved in the Gig Harbor community through volunteerism at a local food bank or working with local veterans group.

“Heron’s Key is very civic minded and opens their space to different organizations who need a place to meet,” Dan said. “As President of the local Rotary Club, our group always looks for opportunities to give back and partner with local non-profit organizations, a sentiment that’s shared by Heron’s Key.”

Life-long learning is also very important to the residents of Heron’s Key. There are frequent events featuring educational discussions and guest speakers.

“The residents here have lived such interesting lives,” Lois said. “So many have had amazing careers and life experiences — it is wonderful to share and become acquainted!”

During a recent resident panel at Heron’s Key, Lois and Dan described their final retirement selection process.

“Not too long ago, I was sitting in that audience chair just like you,” Dan said. “I was unsure and wondered if I really wanted to leave my home and move to a new community. It was the people I met here that changed my mind. I saw right away how different this community is and how the residents are really involved. That’s how Heron’s Key became our home.”