4 Significant Ways Assisted Living in a Senior Living Community Can Improve Quality of Life

older lady receiving assistance in senior living facility

The decisions surrounding assisted living or memory care aren’t ones that are made lightly, whether you’re making them for yourself or a family member. Once you’ve decided to look for a senior living community that offers these services, you then shift your focus to deciding which one is best for your circumstances. And then, you have to decide when the time is right to make the move.

If you’re looking at potential assisted living or memory care providers for a parent or grandparent, or possibly a spouse or a sibling, you might also be dealing with some emotions that are further complicating the situation.

Maybe you’ve been helping your mother out since she had her stroke. Most days, she can manage pretty well on her own, but there are times when you know it would be better if a professional caregiver were tending to her needs and making sure she was taking her medications correctly.

Or perhaps your father has begun transitioning to a later stage of Alzheimer’s disease. Your mother has been caring for him at home, along with some help from you. But neither of you is able to take on the additional responsibilities that will soon be required.

Or it could be that you’re concerned about your grandmother, who still lives alone in her home. She seems okay, but you know she would be safer in a community that offers assisted living, where someone could check on her regularly and she could get immediate help if she needed it.

In scenarios like these, it’s common for people to think they should be doing more to help their loved ones. We see it all the time. People also have qualms about leaving their family members with strangers, which is completely understandable.

Here’s the thing, though. If you find the right place, your loved one’s quality of life will actually improve. So will yours. And those “strangers” who are providing the care will soon seem like they’re part of your family. At Penrose Harbor, we see that all the time, too.

How Penrose Harbor Enhances Quality of Life

With the small-town appeal of its location in Gig Harbor, Heron’s Key is rapidly becoming one of the premier retirement communities in Washington state. Situated within the Heron’s Key senior living community, Penrose Harbor offers the most progressive concepts in assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing care.

The circumstances that bring people to Penrose Harbor are as different as the people themselves. But invariably, because of our innovative design, we’re able to provide exceptional care to those who come to live or stay with us.

The result? The people we care for experience a higher degree of comfort, dignity and satisfaction. Here’s why:

  1. We provide support. Knowing that our professional, licensed staff members are always available to provide assistance can be a tremendous relief for residents and their families. With our staff serving as the primary caregivers, families are free to focus on enjoying their relationships instead of worrying about what might happen in their absence.
  2. We provide structure. From medication management to nutritious daily meals, we ensure that everyone at Penrose Harbor (including those who are here for a short-term stay to receive skilled nursing care) gets precisely what they need. That also encompasses the option to participate in activities and hobbies specifically for seniors. Simply being here prevents social isolation and loneliness, which can be hazardous for the elderly.
  3. We provide safety. The assisted living residences and all-private memory care suites at Penrose Harbor have been purposely designed to feel like home, with features that help to promote and ensure safety, such as call buttons, grab bars and railings. Being able to spend generous amounts of time outside benefits people with Alzheimer’s disease in particular, and with the close supervision our staff members provide, they can do so safely here.
  4. We offer peace of mind. Along with the relief of knowing that help is always at hand if needed, residents and families can relax about the future, as well. The full continuum of care is available right here at Penrose Harbor, so there’s no need to go elsewhere if other advanced care services are required down the road.

The Stortinis’ Story

Some people, like Ken and Josie Stortini, discover Penrose Harbor when they or a family member needs rehabilitative care following a hospital stay for an illness, injury or surgical procedure.

Josie chose to come here and work with our therapists after being hospitalized with a rare neurodegenerative disease. While she was here, Ken looked into the possibility of having Josie stay here with us indefinitely.

“It’s probably been the best move that we’ve ever made,” he said.

“I love it here because they make me feel that I’m special,” Josie said, “and they make me feel that they love me.”

“As a husband, you can’t ask for anything more than to have your wife in a place where {you] know she’s being taken care of,” Ken said, adding, “I love to be out here because it’s such a pleasant place to be. … It’s just a great atmosphere.”

Josie mentioned the parties she enjoys at Penrose Harbor and noted that she’s gotten back into painting, thanks to the art classes. She has also made new friends with volunteers from the independent living area at Heron’s Key, referring to them as her “angels.”

“You couldn’t ask for a better situation,” Ken said. “I can’t imagine a better place on the planet to come than Heron’s Key or Penrose Harbor.”

Mimi and Briana’s New ‘Family’

According to Mimi Urton, who is 100, her granddaughter, Briana Whitney, looked all over for a place that would be perfect for her. Briana said they chose Penrose Harbor because the amenities make it feel “like a resort.”

They both mentioned all of the activities available for residents, with Mimi noting that it’s wonderful to have “all of this surrounding me so I can do whatever I like.”

That includes doing yoga in the morning and meeting friends for lunch in the restaurant, which Mimi said is “a wonderful way for me to entertain.”

“Our experience here at Penrose Harbor has been nothing short of amazing,” Briana remarked.

Mimi said the nurses here “are just absolutely fantastic.”

“We’re all a family,” she added.

“Honestly, my life is easier with her here,” Briana said. “I have so much help. …. My whole family has found a family here at Penrose Harbor,” she added, noting that the staff here “takes care of my Mimi and loves her just the way we would.”

A Fortunate Find for Jasmine and Her Grandparents

When Jasmine Meyers, who lives in Harbor Hill, was looking for care options for her grandparents, Joan and Leonard Barnhart, she was delighted to find Penrose Harbor “right in her own backyard.”

Jasmine first noticed our beautiful surroundings and innovative design, but what struck her most were the relationships between the residents and the staff who provide care.

“It feels like home, not a ‘facility,’” she said.

Joan came to Penrose Harbor for skilled nursing care following a hospital stay. Soon after, Leonard moved into an assisted living apartment at Penrose Harbor, and when Joan was fully recovered, she moved into the apartment with Leonard.

Jasmine said having her grandparents just a 5-minute walk away was “ideal.” After Leonard passed away, Jasmine and Joan were even more thankful to live so close to each other.

“I sleep well at night knowing my grandma is comfortable and well cared for,” Jasmine added.

Senior Living at Heron’s Key + Advanced Care at Penrose Harbor—An Unbeatable Combination

As the area’s only true Life Care community, Heron’s Key gives residents the security of knowing they have guaranteed access to on-site care at Penrose Harbor at predictable monthly rates. That peace of mind is yet another reason people are drawn to Heron’s Key and the active lifestyle they can enjoy here.

While the full continuum of care at Penrose Harbor is available to the greater Gig Harbor community and beyond, including assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services, residents at Heron’s Key have priority if the need for such care arises.

If you’re interested in learning more about Penrose Harbor for yourself or someone you care about, we hope you’ll explore our website using the links we’ve provided in this blog post. And, as always, we’re here to answer your questions and help you in any way we can.