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Thankful to Be Here: A Resident’s Story

Senior living communities promote a lifestyle that appeals to active seniors, offering a profusion of activities designed to stimulate and engage residents socially, physically and mentally. This, in turn, helps residents maintain or even increase their level of activity — along with improving their quality of life. Bill Sams, who moved to Heron’s Key in …

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Yes, Healthy Food Can Be Fun. The Proof Is in the (Chia Seed) Pudding!

It can be easy to find the motivation you need to eat more healthfully. Even small dietary changes can benefit your heart health and help protect your brain. You may also feel more alert and energetic. In addition, eliminating certain foods from your diet and adding others can reduce inflammation, along with lowering your risk …

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Friends Add Quality — and Quite Possibly Years — to Your Life

With the International Day of Friendship coming up on July 30, it’s an ideal time to stop and think about how much your friends mean to you. In fact, after reading this, you may have an ever greater appreciation for them. Not only does friendship bring joy and happiness to our days. It also boosts …

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Meet Janel Berosh

About two years ago, Janel Berosh was working as office manager for a local Washington print shop when she met some of the kindest people she ever knew. The people she met were employees of Heron’s Key using the print services. After creating rapport, Janel learned about the great work at Heron’s Key and heard …

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