Understanding the Benefits of Life Plan Community Living

Life Plan Community Benefits

What Exactly is a Life Plan Community?

Also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), a Life Plan Community provides several lifestyle options, so you can choose the one that fits your needs and the way you want to live. This includes a range of services, amenities, wellness programs and activities designed to help you stay healthy and independent for as long as possible.

Most importantly, Life Plan Communities provide residents with access to high-quality health care at fees significantly lower than market rates. As a resident, if your health care needs change, you have priority access to the appropriate level of support right within the community. Along with Independent Living, Heron’s Key offers Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Memory Care, and Short-and Long-Term Rehab. Heron’s Key residents George Baker and Arliss Siebert knew at the start of their search they wanted Life Care—they just needed to find the right community. Let’s explore the Life Plan benefits that George, Arliss and other Heron’s Key residents are enjoying today and what these benefits could mean to you.

Preparedness for Your Future

The way we live today—after age 65—has changed substantially. But you already know that firsthand as you’re currently looking for the perfect place to spend your retirement. During this process, you’ve encountered lots of active seniors—and they’re not winding down or taking it easy anytime soon!

This is what you want, too—the unencumbered opportunity to take a giant step forward into a whole new phase of life. Maybe you want to revisit your roots, chart a new course, reinvent yourself, pursue a new talent or interest, or just lock the door and set out to see the world. It’s your retirement, after all, and you should be free to approach it your way. No limitations. No compromises. No worries about what the future may bring.

This is exactly what you’ll experience at a Life Plan Community like Heron’s Key. Just ask Dan and Lois Wilson—read their story. “We discovered that [Life Care at] Heron’s Key was not the typical atmosphere you would think of for a retirement community,” says Lois. “Everyone is so involved, active and welcoming that it felt like home right away.”

4 Important Benefits of Life Plan Community Living

1. Live Independently.

Throughout life, you’ve always set your own course—made your own decisions. To get what you want in the next phase of your life, you’ve accepted the idea of rightsizing. No longer do you want to worry about the trappings and upkeep of homeownership. You’ve got things to do and places to go.

Life Plan living at Heron’s Key is less about what you might be giving up and more about what you gain. A variety of apartment floor plans are designed with your comfort, convenience and safety in mind. Marty Beert found the “perfect fit” for her new home. “My attitude now is to take each day as it comes and live in the moment,” says Marty.

While engaging in the one-of-a-kind lifestyle of Heron’s Key, a wealth of impressive services, such as housekeeping and linen services, internal and external maintenance, a variety of dining options and most utilities, leave residents like Marty the time to engage in those “moments” they love. They’re free to try a variety of life enrichment activities, social outings, and community amenities that give them the opportunity to explore their passions and interests. This active lifestyle approach at Heron’s Key is designed around seven aspects of whole body wellness: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, vocational, physical and intellectual.

Life Plan living at Heron’s Key will support all your current and future needs. While maintaining your total independence, you’ll be surrounded by new friends in the same stage in life, who enjoy the same things you do and who share the same life experiences. This true sense of community is why Heron’s Key has partnered with LeadingAge Washington to promote and clarify the additional benefits seniors gain by laughing together, caring together and being together. For insight into this very special initiative, visit #seniorsbettertogether and be inspired by the many positives of community living despite today’s many challenges.

2. Enjoy Financial Freedom.

Independent Life Plan living at Heron’s Key assures you priority lifetime access, if ever needed, to the various levels of care mentioned above at predictable rates. Heron’s Key is one of very few Life Plan communities in the state of Washington to offer a Type A contract. With this type of Life Care offering, you can be assured your cost of living will remain predictable, even if you move into independent living initially and find you need advanced care services later. You are guaranteed unlimited days of long-term health care—at any level—and at the same predictable monthly rate as your independent living residence. Awareness of these potential health care services in the future will protect you and your family from the rising costs of health care.

But, what if you have a long-term care insurance policy for future health care needs? A Life Plan Community like Heron’s Key provides a desirable complement to that policy. In addition, tax preparers have cited IRS rulings that indicate substantial tax benefits in Life Plan Community contracts. Portions of community entrance fees and monthly service fees may be classified as deductible, or prepaid or ongoing medical expenses. (Consult your tax preparer.)

Entrance fee plans that are either totally or partially refundable are common for a Life Plan Community. These plans provide the tremendous benefit of estate protection, ensuring a legacy for future generations. As you consider retirement living, you’ll gain more understanding of and confidence in senior living contracts by reading our recent blog on personal financial projections.

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3. Appreciate Value.

The location of a Life Plan Community often adds considerable value in the eyes of potential residents. Heron’s Key is a perfect fit for Gig Harbor— a city recognized by SmartAsset™ as the best place to live in Washington and the fourth-best in the nation. Residents and visitors love Gig Harbor—the active, independent character of the citizens, outdoor activities, cultural events, small-town atmosphere and waterfront lifestyle.

As a Life Plan Community, Heron’s Key is dedicated to serving its residents and the Gig Harbor community. The monthly fee covers a wide range of services and amenities offered to all residents no matter their degree of independence or care level. The services, amenities and activities mentioned above are extensive, and residents have valuable input in planning what’s offered.

Adding to the value of Life Plan living at Heron’s Key:

  • Your monthly fee does not increase when additional care is provided. (With the exception of additional meals and supplies.)
  • Unlimited days of care are provided at all levels.
  • Your monthly fee compares favorably with the cost of staying at home.
  • With four entrance fee plans to choose from at Heron’s Key, as much as 90% of your entrance fee is refundable to you or your estate, regardless of your length of residency.

4. Experience Peace of Mind.

People who are planners want security and peace of mind. They want to only move once and be a part of a community for the rest of their lives. There’s a sense of stability in a Life Plan Community with a refundable entrance fee that provides additional monetary security and peace of mind for the resident’s family.

At Heron’s Key, you can feel well-prepared with predictable, streamlined costs, convenient services and priority lifetime access to on-site care options, if needed. In addition, you will know exactly how, and by whom, health care services will be delivered, avoiding quick decisions by you or your family at the worst possible time. It’s a sensible strategy for life’s what-ifs. Seldom will you find a Life Plan Community like Heron’s Key, however, that offers a complete range of care options with everything you need to age in place. This contributes to resident satisfaction, positive moods and perceptions of aging, as well as greater control and less stress, as reported by senior living industry expert Brad Breeding in his blog about the popular Age Well Study.

Being prepared gives you a great feeling.

The marketing and sales staff at Heron’s Key admits that potential residents commonly ask: “Can I wait until I need care to move to Heron’s Key?” To which Sales Associate McKenna Leehan replies, “Why wait? To get the best value and benefit of Life Plan living, move when you’re still independent and able to take part in the activities and join the social groups.”

“Start the conversation now,” says Associate Hillary Robinson. “The lifestyle and estate benefits are well worth the investment.”

To be fully prepared for your future, learn more about the Life Plan lifestyle of Heron’s Key by calling (877) 892-7129 or contacting us online.